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Chief Officer


BASIC FUNCTION: The Chief Officer is responsible for the Training, of crew in the use of lifeboats, life rafts and other life saving equipment external cleanliness, care and maintenance of the hull, super-structure and rigging. The Chief Officer's deputy shall be the most experienced First Officer on board as appointed by the Staff Captain.


The Chief Officer's qualifications and licenses shall conform to all Flag State Rules and Regulations and shall have a Chief Mate unlimited License; Master Mariner unlimited License is preferred.


The Chief Officer shall develop a thorough understanding of the vessel’s and company’s safety, quality and management program(s) and his/her responsibilities in the Safety Organization according to the Emergency Plan and Station Bill.

Navigational Duties

The Chief Officer shall participate in all Arrivals and Departures to ensure there is continuity toward the Bridge operation, as well as ensuring continuation of the their Navigational duties

The Chief Officer will act as extra resource when needed, (Yellow-person). Where conditions ask for this as ordered by the Master.


The Chief Officer is responsible that the vessel can be made seaworthy in a timely matter when weather conditions or other situations require so. Seaworthy includes securing hatches and stowing/securing objects.

The Chief Officer is responsible for preparing the Stability Calculation and for ensuring that the ship is in proper Trim and List as described in the Navigation Policy and Procedures Manual.

The Chief Officer shall be fully competent in using the stability program for calculating intact and damaged stability as well as load line, bending and shear forces. He/She shall train and coach all watch keeping officers in daily use of the stability program.

The Chief Officer is responsible for the Visual Draft Observations required by the Arrival and Departure Checklists, in the Navigation Policy and Procedures Manual.

The Chief Officer is responsible for preparing and monitoring the vessel's stability reports and onboard trim.

Shipboard Training

The Chief Officer is responsible for the detailed training to take place regarding all areas of Life-saving; this is to include Life Raft, Lifeboat and any other Life Saving appliances found onboard

The Chief Officer has an important role in accident/incident prevention and reporting. He shall cooperate with the Safety Officer and Security Officer in investigations and follow-up of accidents, incidents and non-conformities; and shall be one of the administrators of the reporting program.

Assisting the Staff Captain, the Chief Officer shall cooperate with the Safety Officer, Security Officer, Environmental Officer as well as other marine officers with the instruction and training of the crew members in general seamanship and in matters concerning safety, security and protection of the environment as outlined by the Flag State.

External Maintenance

The Chief Officer in collaboration with the Staff Captain is responsible for ensuring that all Deck planned maintenance is carried out within the specified time periods and required records are maintained. Utilizing the AMOS PM system, he shall generate work orders and register completed maintenance. In collaboration with the Bosun, he shall establish a weekly schedule for the routine maintenance of the vessel, taking into consideration ports of call, time, port and local regulations and guest satisfaction.

The Chief Officer shall monitor and supervise the Bosun for the cleanliness, care and maintenance of the hull, superstructure, rig, outer decks, window, cargo gear, mooring equipment, gangways and ladders. He/She shall monitor and supervise the Bosun in the daily cleaning of the weather decks, railings, ladders, windows and swimming pools in conjunction with the Facilities Manager.

The Chief Officer shall ensure that all Ballast Water, Dry Tanks, and Fresh Water Tanks are properly cleaned and maintained. Along with Chief Engineer Jr., ensure the instrument used for measuring the atmosphere for oxygen and hazardous gases is maintained and calibrated in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

The Chief Officer in collaboration with the Staff Captain shall coordinate the actions and duties of the 1st and 2nd Officers toward their extra duties. He/She shall be responsible for all maintenance items pertaining to Life-Savings appliances onboard. The Chief Officer shall be responsible for the inventory, maintenance and certification of the life rafts and wires fall of all rafts, lifeboats and rescue boats. He/She shall also ensure that records are maintained in AMOS.

Chief Officer shall maintain a library of Operations manuals, instruction booklets and ships drawings.

Port Operations

The Chief Officer is responsible for all practical issues in regards to loading of the vessel. This includes guests and cargo.

For Guests this includes maintaining gangways, making sure proper gangways are available and create a loading plan keeping in mind pier configuration and tide conditions.

For Cargo this includes making sure proper loading platforms and equipment is available. The Chief Officer will be the main contact for the Stevedore Company’s supervisor and when needed coordinate the loading with onboard departments.

The Chief Officer shall establish a safe and secure tender service for passengers and crew as needed.

Ensures that all stores coming on board are properly stowed and shall ensure his/her Division is ready for sea upon departure from a port or an anchorage as described under Seaworthiness of this description.

The Chief Officer should ensure that all materials loaded onboard for Deck Department are compliant with specifications and if not compliant, labeled as non-compliant, returned to the vendor and Purchasing informed. Through the Bosun, the Chief Officer should follow up with the Inventory Technical Specialist in this regard.

The Chief Officer is responsible for contractors who come on board that may be working on deck-related areas.


The Chief Officer shall also assist the Staff Captain with the Deck budget and project management within the Deck Department.




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