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Careers At Seas Inc. is an Authorized Referral agency  geared towards providing the cruise line industry with qualified candidates seeking a career at sea!  Our services enable you to not have to walk alone in your new career choice.


We have an excellent reputation with various cruise lines as an agency that understands what the industry entails when sourcing candidates.  Our staff that prescreen and recruit are former shipboard employees and have a strong knowledge base of the cruise line industry as a crewmember.


To Empower and enable our employees to deliver the best candidates for our clients thereby generating superior quality service to the cruise line industry.

To contribute towards promoting economic growth and provide sustainable employment through innovation services in an exemplary manner that focuses on the needs of the cruise line industry, candidates and staff, while anticipating future needs.


Core Values/Purpose:


Accountability – we do not hesitate to acknowledge and assume responsibility for our actions as it relates to services, decisions and policies. It is a reflection of our company’s accountability reflected through all levels of our business.


Balance – we pride ourselves in taking a proactive approach to creating and maintaining a healthy and productive work-life balance for workers.


Commitment – we are committed to professionalism, quality service, as well as other initiatives that contribute positively in impacting lives within and outside our company.


Social Responsibility – we are dedicated to making our contribution to the overall development of the society by demonstrating social sensitivity in a responsible manner.


Empowerment – we seek to encourage growth and development to all to give our best and be proud of our accomplishment generating a true nature of gratitude.


Innovation – we thrive on pursing new and creating initiatives that have the potential to impact change locally, regionally and globally by continuing to upgrade our skills and knowledge in the Maritime industry ensuring compliance and conformity.


Safety – we continuously work hard to provide a healthy and safe working environment and provide as well as provide our candidates with the safety and strict regulations of working at sea.


Conduct and ethics – we are committed to act in the highest ethical manner and respect the rights and dignity of others                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

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