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Why hire an industry coach?

Our coaching service will take the guess work out of applying for a job to cruise lines by assisting and preparing your application for potential employment within the industry. We will provide you with the right tools to understand the position you are qualified for and guide you through the correct steps prior to submitting your application.  Our coaching service is an additional service for a fee.  There is no fee associated with your application for consideration for employment.  

We have cruise ship job coaches to assist you in preparing your application to assist in putting your best foot forward. We have over 20 years of experience combined in the industry and are now focusing on helping applicants get their dream job on board.

A cruise ship job coach will guide you in the right direction to assist you in putting your best job skills  forward to meet the cruise line hiring requirement and to establish that connection as well as review and assist in resume development geared to a position that matches your skills and qualifictions.

WE DO NOT sugar coat the process or your application, we just give you the real facts and solid advise on your candidacy chances and sometimes it just takes a little tweak here and there to make all the difference.



One on one consultation with cruise line industry related professionals via SKYPE. (45 Minutes)


Ability to assist you in emphasizing key job skill sets to present. 


Cruise Industry facts in application process. The next steps and what to expect.


Combination of over 25 years of cruise line industry experience/knowledge.


Cruise ship job resume evaluation and assistance.

Life on board facts. 


Basic cruise line pre employment guidelines.

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