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 Our clients utilize our services  to assist in prescreening and qualifying candidates seeking a career at sea.  Just Cruis’n has been a Hiring Partner in the Industry since 1995 and we have a strong thorough knowledge of the process.  There is NO fee to any applicant to apply or to secure an interview as we are paid by the cruise line for our services in referring qualified candidates to them.


First Step – Ensure to do your research on the position you are applying for as each position has a minimum hiring requirement. Once you have sent your resume for review, a recruiter will review your  qualifications based on cruise lines business needs.  We deal with several positions onboard with various cruise lines and will contact you only once we have a request from a client to present applicants for an upcoming openings.


Second Step –  Based on business needs, you may be contacted for a preliminary skype interview with our recruiter and if deemed qualified, you will be sent a link to register and to apply for the position which will link you directly with the cruise line recruiter and we will arrange a time and date for your skype interview with the Human Resources Cruise Line Dept.


Third Step – Once you have been interviewed we normally receive a response within a few days with the result of your interview. It is important to understand that approval is based on the cruise line decision and our agency can only refer your application.


Fourth Step – Congratulations if you make it to the fourth step and this where you will be extended an offer from our agency on behalf of our client. 


Fifth Step – You will receive a Welcome Aboard package outlining the documentation that you need to upload in the cruise line and/or employer applicant tracking system. Once you have been extended an offer, you will then need to proceed with a pre-employment medical exam with an approved medical facility, obtain a local police clearance and follow the cruise line's joining steps.  This process may take several weeks as medicals and clearances can take time.  It is important you do not resign from your position you presently have until you have full clearance received and once you are cleared, a ship assignment will be presented based on business needs.


MANDATORY STEP - Pictures and testimonials of your incredible new career at sea is to be sent to Just Cruis’n as we love to hear how we have changed your career path and that you are excelling at becoming a seafarer!


Important tips to remember:


  • Always be punctual and well groomed for your interview!

  • Always be confident of your abilities and skill sets!

  • Always research the cruise line that you are interviewing with thoroughly to understand their branding and quality policy.

  • Always listen carefully to the questions the Recruiter will be asking.

  • Always show your energy and personality as after all, this industry is all about your excellent customer service and going over and beyond.

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