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We are without a doubt…..Your Key To A Career At Sea!


Our commitment to the cruise line industry in providing qualified candidates looking for a job on a cruise line is provided at an extraordinary level of service combined with over 25 years of recruiting and managed by qualified, prior shipboard staff that will share valuable career experience throughout our recruitment process.  There is no fee associated with your application or for an interview as our services are compensated by the cruise lines once you join their team.


We are extremely passionate about our work and what we offer is a whole lot of positive feedback and inspiration  for anyone seeking a job onboard a cruise ship to take their career to the next level in a challenging and unique environment whether it is a Cruise Staff position onboard Royal Caribbean International, Entertainment Technician onboard Celebrity Cruises or Sales Assistant with Starboard onboard a Norwegian Cruise line vessel, our goal is to find a position that best fits your profile.  We specialize in placing Entertainment Technicians onboard and have recently commenced placing Management positions.


Our preliminary setting is based on our core values in sourcing and prescreening candidates based on business needs with our cruise line partners in an ethical and comfortable setting as we believe that we are not just providing a new hire with employment but presenting them with an entire new lifestyle as we truly understand how challenging it can be for crew to work at sea for substantial periods of time and our mission is to ensure you have a full understanding of life onboard inclusive of the demands but we also LOVE to share the rewards.  


Our facebook page is filled with crew testimonials and pictures of crew that have been placed onboard and want to share their experience and what they love about their work.


Take the next step and let us assist and guide you to a new career at sea!


What are you waiting for?

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